5 Phenomenal Work Tools & Appls for Female Entrepreneurs & Lady Bosses Looking for Help

by Kaye Ang of Mamacademy PH

As far as I can recall, I'm relatively organized in my pre-mom days - always on top of things and schedule. Until motherhood, family life, and having a business on the side came. It was as if all my memories of a well-organized life were completely thrown out of the window.

Although, of course, this is something very understandable to a lot of people, but I felt like motherhood should not (or never) be a reason to not put things in order. I don't know if you'd agree with me, but I feel like I'm at my best when things are organized - although not too common of a situation for a mom or parent, admittedly.

Though, that is not to say that we cannot at least try to keep things organized. So, as a mom, wife, entrepreneur, and a lot more (to different people I serve), I've always struggled and tried to find a way to beat this common disorganized way of doing things.

In one of the PowHER Up Sessions (a series of learning sessions for women leaders & business owners) of Mamacademy PH, some of the things that have been working for me (and those that did not) over the past years in terms of managing my time as a wife, mom, entrepreneur. And for this blog, I'd love to share my go-to time management + productivity apps with you to help me get through my tasks as an entrepreneur in an organized manner. That, in turn, allows me to focus on the more important things in my life.

My Top 5 Productivity Tools


One of the apps the hugely helps me manage my team's to-do list efficiently. I love that Trello allows you to create as much to-do lists while it gives you the opportunity to track them according to the due date, the person responsible, and a lot more. If you're managing a team, this is an app that you must try.

Google Calendar

I tend to miss out on a long of things if I just write them down, so I rely heavily on Google calendar for meetings and essential schedules to take note of. Best if this is integrated with your other productivity app and visible to the people you work with or even your husband or family members. Hence, they practically know your schedule for the day.


I love to chat with people online, but Facebook is not just the channel for me to use for business-related discussions among the team. So, to make things seem more formal (less personal than how it feels on Facebook) and integrated with other productivity apps I use, I've decided to use Slack, and I tell you, once you go Slack, you'll never look back. :)

Apple notes (if not my old school notebook)

I still love my notebook, but for moments when I really have a random thought to jot down, my apple notes save the day. My recommendation is that you don't trust your mental notes when it comes to important things, write them down whether it's electronically or manually. Of course, this means you should have a pen and paper with you at all times. If not, e-notes are the way to go.


My team and I do a lot of graphic design, and for someone like me primarily who does not have a formal design background, Canva (whether on mobile or web-based) helps a ton! Recently too, Canva has allowed me to explore video and audio editing, which is really cool. Besides that, Canva is my go-to app for anything and everything that requires a decent-looking graphic design (posters, invitations, presentations, and many more things you can do on Canva). I never regret subscribing to this app!

Just so you know, I'm never the techie person, and I've always been used to working things manually or the conventional way, but when these apps came to my life. Through the hoops and loops, I learned that I can say I'm able to do things for my business with much efficiency that leaves me more time to allocate my time for something more substantial.

Also, while these apps will help, I'd like to say that productivity and time management is not just all about the apps. I've realized over the years that it's more about setting things straightforward for yourself, your expectations, and the realities in your life that will help you manage through the busy seasons.

Work Smarter Not Harder

I've shared a lot about those things in Mamacademy PH's PowHER Up Session 2 - Working Smart: Productivity + Time Management Practices, so you can Focus on What Matters, and if you think this is something that you need too in your life, I'd love to invite you to sign up for the waitlist so we can let you know when a session is opening up soon.

The first batch was a success, and as other women attendees shared, it was a lot practical and eye-opening, but just a word of caution: I won't give you tips (because I think this just yields to temporary changes). So instead, I'll give you things that worked for me as a long-term battle plan towards a more efficient way of handling my time as a mom, wife, mompreneur, and many more.

I hope to see you in the next session! For now, please keep safe and keep things easy.

God bless you!