5 Tried and Tested Tips to Help Validate your Business / Passion Project Ideas

by Kaye Ang of Mamacademy PH

Hi there, mama! How are you? Amid the crazy season that we are still in now, I bet you had asked yourself (a few times or more perhaps) this question that I asked myself too 4 years back before I started Mamacademy PH, "what is something that I could start/do alongside being a mom?"

I totally get how you feel - you want to be a doting mom who's constantly present for your child. Still, while these things are all ideal, you also want to find your place in the world, check what you can or can still do, and put all your skills, professional (or maybe any significant) experiences to good use.

How I started

For context, like some of you may be, I came from a thriving corporate background where I spent 7 ideal years of earning decently, learning, and climbing my way to the top (in terms of career) until my husband. I decided that it was best for me to leave a job I love and focus on building our family, aka homemaking.

Going back, I had thought of different business and passion project ideas and in fact, gave them each a try. But not one seemed a good fit until I had Mamacademy PH (background: Mamacademy PH is a mom, women, and parent learning community that champions learning alongside our roles while honoring God with our season. We launched Mamacademy PH in 2017 while I was a stay-at-home mother to my then 7-month-old daughter).

It took years, a lot of hit and miss, and a bunch of praying to the Lord before I finally landed on one passion project that I genuinely found interest and commitment to pursuing no matter the odds I had to face. I'm sure there would be some who had it faster than I did, but it's a journey, nonetheless, that brought a lot of discoveries, friendships, and realizations.

So, dear fellow mama - if you're in the middle of thinking through and praying for something you want to start this season, perhaps as a side business or a passion project, here are the things that I learned as I was starting. Though these are not sure-fire success tips all the time for all people, I'd still like you to cherry-pick what you think would work for you.

5 tips for validating business or passion project ideas

Pray for it.

I tell you, there will be a ton of opportunities that will come up and would seem promising but always remember to pray for wisdom and discernment - two important things to help you decide whether an opportunity is worth getting into. At the end of the day, it's best that you get into something that is right and legal in different aspects of it, no matter how long the road to success is.

Do something while you wait.

It's okay to wait for the right opportunity but don't just sit around and wait until something miraculously falls off the sky. Do something that will lead you to the right opportunity. Meet people (online for now), read books, learn something new, attend workshops, talk to seasoned entrepreneurs/leaders -- just do something that will make you an inch closer to that opportunity. Not many people know that I attended a workshop in 2016 before I had the idea of creating a mom learning community that is Mamacademy PH. And the rest, as they say, is history. So yes, don't just sit around - do something!

Do a skills & interest inventory.

This is something I would always tell people when they ask me for potential projects. I ask, "what are you good at?" or "what are you genuinely interested in?" This will help you drill down on different options that you'll have as you move along. I'd highly recommend that you start something you're genuinely interested in / passionate about and that you have at least a tiny bit of background/knowledge in. For context again, my corporate background is in learning and development hence, the idea of a learning community through Mamacademy PH. Try doing an inventory, and I'm sure you'll find something you're interested in and something that you'll be able to execute.

Validate your idea.

Ask friends, ask random people, run an informal survey, check out articles and research materials related to your potential business/passion project. The most important thing is that you get a good feel of whether or not this is a viable project. After all, you'll be spending a good amount of money and effort that we sure don't want to go to waste. But just in anything, you also don't beat yourself up if your idea didn't fly. Just be sure to take informed risks.

Write your ideas, identify actionable plans for you to validate and execute it, and take your first step.

It may seem too trivial just to write your ideas down, but I tell you that this was my first step after thinking of my passion project. Writing down things, whether electronically or manually, gives your brain the impression that you are serious about this. So, yes - don't just talk about these ideas, write them down, and identify key steps to help you validate and execute it. And yes, don't forget to execute them. As they say, a plan without an action is just a wish.

I hope that these tips will help you pursue what your heart really jumps up and down for - a side hustle, business, or a passion project - however you want to call it and where God leads you to.

I'd love to help

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God bless you!

Here's to your success,