5 Ways to be a Joyful Mother

by Louise Castrillo of Mamacademy PH

Do you remember the excitement you had in your heart when you first learned you were pregnant? Or the anticipation as you wait for nine months to see your little one? Or the joy you felt when you first laid your eyes on your baby?

Enduring sleepless nights, seemingly endless feeding and juggling among responsibilities can zap out the joy in your heart. Don’t let the challenges of motherhood cover all the joyful parts of being a mother.

Here are some ways how you can keep the joy in motherhood.


Praying provides the strength, refuge, and comfort you need, especially through difficult times.

When you pray to say thanks to the Lord, it helps you see the blessings given to you and your family. That alone can assure His generosity and provision in your life.

When you pray to ask for something or someone, it gives you peace of mind that you have lifted your worries to Him and hope that He has sovereignty over all things.

Appreciate the Little Things

When sleeping becomes a luxury and going through all the to-dos are the main goals, it is easy to get absorbed in all the busyness. It can get stressful and tiring.  

Try to step back, slow down, and appreciate the little things. Whether it be the little things in your life or the small stuff that you do day-to-day, these are all things that we should be grateful for.

Make Time for Self-Care

Mom guilt can sometimes get in the way of moms caring for themselves. Don’t fall into this trap because self-care is necessary. Now, self-care may mean different things for different moms. It does not always mean a day in the spa or the mall. Sometimes, it can be a time to do your skincare routine, an extra 10 minutes in the shower or an episode of your favorite Korean series. Self-care time is something that can help you relax and destress. After all, even supermoms need to recharge from time to time.

Learn to Let Go

Social media and the internet can portray images of a perfect parent that may lead mothers to have unrealistic expectations of themselves. Those high expectations may lead to frustration and guilt.

Let go of the comparisons and unrealistic standards and focus on your motherhood. Do what works for your home, lifestyle, and values. What is important is your family and not society’s expectation. 

Connect and Reconnect

Some women get disconnected from their friends or even loved ones once they become mothers. But unfortunately, that can leave moms feeling alone.  

Making time to reconnect with your friends or loved ones, even virtually, can make a difference in your disposition. Let yourself enjoy the company of other people, share stories of joy or even challenges, and feel like your old self again.  

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Louise Castrillo wrote this blog; She’s a mom blogger, design show junkie, and a hands-on mom to a preschooler. She loves twinning with her daughter, making short videos, and tinkering with embroidery.