Embracing Continuous Learning For Mothers

by Mommy Ai Bancod

Is there something that you wish to pursue but haven’t started yet? Maybe you’re already overwhelmed with all the tasks that you have or you feel intimidated because you don’t think you have the right skills… But you’re not alone. We all feel that way at one point.


We found this interview from last year in our archive. Ai Bancod, one of our workshop attendees – turned mom friend – shared her story from just having plans to turning them into reality.


What do you love about learning with us at Mamacademy PH?

Being a first-time mom, I love how mothers in Mamacademy are bound by their passion to guide and support one another. At first, it was really difficult for me to navigate through the ups and downs of motherhood. I had no one else to talk to who I believe would understand what I was going through - PPD, a careerwoman turned into SAHM, the everyday routine of being a mom to a little, helpless being. I felt so overwhelmed with the responsibilities of motherhood. Through Mamacademy, I realized that I am not alone in this journey. I met mom-friends who are willing to share their experiences and give advice whenever needed.


Why is it important for you to continue learning alongside motherhood?

In my profession as a teacher, I realized that a teacher needs to continue learning and upgrading skills to be at par with the different generations of young people we get to encounter. As a mother, learning became more challenging. It is sometimes taken for granted since we already do what we believe works best for our children.  But, times are indeed changing. As mothers, we need to keep on learning new things, new strategies, new parenting methods, even recipes! Can you imagine a smartphone that is unable to upgrade and keep up with the latest operating systems? It would be the same case for a person who refuses to upgrade and continue learning.


How has Mamacademy PH helped you pursue MAMAzing motherhood?

I began to make my season of motherhood MAMAzing after I attended the workshop on Purpose-Filled Motherhood in 2017. It was indeed a turning point for me because in this workshop, we were asked to sit with a group and discuss our plans with our lives as mothers. Back then, all my plans were merely plans. I had no intention of pushing through with my plans because I was actually afraid of failing. That workshop was an eye-opener. Fast forward to 2019, I now have a tutorial center that specializes in Music Lessons. We had our first recital last May and it was on that day that I realized that the plans I had were deeply planted by God ever since - to share my God-given talents and have them multiplied. Mamacademy was the one who made me realized that there is nothing to be afraid of, as long as your goals are God-centered and geared towards helping others. Indeed, when God calls, where God guides, He provides.


What advice can you give to moms who want to jump out of their comfort zones and pursue something alongside their season as mothers?

Just go. Whatever your heart tells you to do, do it! If you're clueless on how and where to start, join mom-groups. Attend Mamacademy workshops and meet new mom-friends. It's ok to be hesitant and afraid at first but don't dwell on that phase. You can do it, mommy!


How can moms, like us, pursue #LearningAlongsideMotherhood?

It all starts with the desire to get up and become better each day. Once you have that desire, learning shall take place. Read books on motherhood, surf the net for different articles that talks about your interests, watch videos, listen to podcasts, join mommy groups in your community or in FB, be part of Mamacademy PH. At the end of the day, you're not the only one who'll benefit from your learning but your family, most especially, your children will be able to harvest all that hardwork.