Healthy Recipes for Busy Moms

by Louise Castrillo of Mamacademy PH

Food is the universal language and expression of love.  As mothers, we ensure that our family feels our concern and care by making sure that every meal served will give them the nutrition they need.  However, do you find yourself spending hours planning the menu for the week, researching for new recipes, and preparing the meals?  Perhaps, you find the entire meal planning and preparation process tiring that you end up picking up the phone and dialing for fast food delivery.  Or are you tired of the same dishes you serve over and over?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we’d love to share our latest discovery with you.  The Healthy Cooking Made Easy eBook has been a great addition to our home.  It has helped us cut down the time we spend on meal planning and preparation and has helped us introduce a new set of menu to our family. 


What is the Healthy Cooking Made Easy eBook?

The Healthy Cooking Made Easy eBook has over 65 delicious and easy-to-follow healthy recipes.  It is perfect for women, especially mothers, who are looking into switching into a healthier lifestyle and saving time in the kitchen. 

Healthy Cooking Made Easy Cover

It eliminates the need for trial and error in the kitchen to perfect the healthy dishes.  The recipes in the eBook have already been made and tailored to be packed with flavor without sacrificing the nutrition value.

What’s in store for you when you get your own copy of the Healthy Cooking Made Easy eBook?

If you still have some hesitation because you think healthy food is bland and expensive, this recipe eBook will change your mindset.  The ingredients are budget-friendly and easy-to-source.  Plus, the meals are so easy-to-prepare, you can ask your little ones to help you and turn meal prep into an instant bonding session.  Your little picky eater will find it hard to resist trying the food.


Checkout some of the dishes from the Healthy Cooking Made Easy book!


Who is the Mom behind the Healthy Cooking Made Easy?

Tara Tan is a corporate mom whose passion for a healthy lifestyle inspired her to become a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach.  She uses her blog, Fit Foodie Mommy, as a platform to inspire and share women to make better food and lifestyle choices.  You can also follow her Instagram account, @fitfoodiemommy, for regular inspiration and tips for keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Are you excited to cook new, tasty, and healthy dishes for your family and get some time back to spend with your family or start a passion project?  Go ahead and grab your copy of the Healthy Cooking Made Easy.  It will surely be the best investment you can make this year.

We would love to hear your feedback about the recipes you have tried from the Healthy Cooking Made Easy.