Importance of Getting Support for Moms: Why It Matters and How to Get It

by Louise Castrillo of Mamacademy PH

Have you ever cried out of exhaustion, loneliness, or frustration?   Mama, you are not alone. Giving birth, raising a child, and maintaining a household require a lot of physical and emotional strength. 

We face different struggles and challenges as mothers.

As new moms, we tend to forget to care for ourselves as our priority shifts to learning how to care for our little ones. While recovering, we endure the seemingly endless feeding, diaper changing, and sleep deprivation. It is physically and emotionally draining.

As our kids grow, we must wear new hats as teachers or referees.

These responsibilities are on top of managing the home, finances, work, or side hustles.

While we may be in a different season of motherhood, we all need something in common – support and connection.


Why Do We Need Support and Connection?

Motherhood is tough. As much as we want to do everything for our families, we also have limits. Our bodies need to rest, our minds need to unwind, and our hearts need to speak out. If we cannot do these, we may feel burned out, stressed, or alone.

That is where proper support and connection help us, Mamas.

Who Can Support Moms

We should not be afraid or ashamed to ask for help from the people around us. So here are some people who can give us the extra boost during our motherhood journey.


Our husbands are our partners. We can seek their help to do the chores and watch over our kids to catch up on much-needed rest. Perhaps, a little foot massage is a bonus too.


Extended families can also be a source of support.   For example, our mothers can give us an extra hand or guidance in caring for the kids. They can also be a great source of emotional support because they can relate to what we are going through.


We can turn to friends to have a normal conversation. Moms who care for their babies and toddlers can relate to the need to have an adult conversation once in a while.


Unfortunately, not all moms get the support they need. Some moms live far away from their families or may have friends who can no longer relate.  

Being part of a mom community can make us feel that we are not alone and gives us an avenue to ask questions or share our experiences. The support we can get from one another can give us the strength to move forward, find joy in motherhood, and be confident to try new things and improve ourselves. Isn't that great?

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Louise Castrillo wrote this blog; She's a mom blogger, design show junkie, and a hands-on mom to a first-grader. She loves twinning with her daughter, making short videos, and tinkering with embroidery.