by Mommy Aileen Ang

At the beginning of 2021, I’m so excited to begin a new journey… to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Last 2020 was a challenging year for me,  I have felt I’m  just treading in a pool to keep myself  afloat in order to survive?

When Christmas time started - a “season to be jolly, tra la la la la!” yet, comes the irony too, I lost:

  1. My health - I was diagnosed with bilateral ovarian cysts which are way too big so the Doctors recommended to undergo total hysterectomy procedure. I was able to rest, get rid of stress and do nothing as much as possible in preparation for the surgery - for a week vacation in the Hospital! LOL! Indeed, HEALTH is WEALTH.
  2. My source of income - My nature of work is talking to people and I have to deal with the different kinds of emotion. This is something I am so passionate about. But, you know, if there’s a call of duty, there’s a call of rest too!
  3. My House - This pandemic brought a lot of adjustment. Our resources needed to be the most flexible, as in a big stretch for cash flow. We decided to have our house rented just to fill in the blanks (our needs) and stayed on a vacant building for the meantime.

I may have all the reasons in the world to be depressed, mad, and anxious - just like villain in movies! But, I am not built that way! I always believe that, thought matters. There are two (2) things in life: Things you can control and things you cannot control. I can’t dictate what will be my health status, the economy or even people. One thing I know is, I have the power to make my life miserable or happy.


Things I can control for positive insight:

  1. It takes discipline: Discipline is the means by which you can take control of your life. I spend time reading my Bible every day for it is where I draw strength. I also read inspirational books to lift my mood. A friend gave me a book and told me to read it during my stay in the hospital, it has helped me a lot. When I feel the pain of my wound I just try to revert to reading. My son always says that, this is my favorite thing to do. I couldn’t agree more! Still a better option than to binge eat on chips, pizza, you know our “healthy options”? HAHA!


Where do you go to find strength? The gym? The health food store? There is better source of strength, of course, and that is God.


  1. Say NO to unhealthy foods and also unhealthy people: Eating unhealthy foods is habit-forming same as being with negative people that is why I choose only positive people. I can’t be strong always. Surrounding myself with people who can lift me up. People, who can pray with and for me because complete independence is impossible. Yes, stay away from people who loves to add injury to insult. As Mark Twain quoted, “Don’t walk away from negative people - run!”

During my rest in preparation for the surgery, I have the strong desire to work because we really needed fund. But, true companion will show up during difficult times. These are the same people who encouraged me to obey and follow my physicians and never missed a day to ask how am I doing and send meals for me. They even supported to raise fund.

I am grateful that I followed the doctors advises because all of my laboratory result came normal prior to surgery. According to them, with my age they were expecting a result with abnormality. All my blood works cooperated too, letting me to recover fast. I was sent home after 5 days instead of 7 days. I am thankful for friends and family who reminded me to obey and submit to authority. Remember that friends and family are there to help you to be strong emotionally, mentally, and physically again.

                  Sometimes, it is easy to point finger to others for the current state of our health. Today, we live in a world where fast food restaurant is everywhere with free home delivery. Access to instant goods are so easy and you can just stay at home, sit back, relax and finish your favorite series until you get panda eyes!

Yet, none of these convenient offers forced us to eat unlimited and pushed us to lay down on our sofas when we should be exercising. So remember, it’s your body, it’s your responsibility.

 If you are struggling, find someone or a group of people who will encourage you and can be accountable with. Above all, pray each morning, ask God for the strength and wisdom to treat your body  as His creation.


  1. Start slowly: I make sure I use my time wisely. During this recovery period, when I feel good, I only do the things that I can. When I feel bad or in pain, I just lay down in bed. It is not bad to feel lazy, take a breath and rest. I just take one day at a time. I try to be the best mom and wife one day at a time. Without my uterus, there could be mood swings (depression, fear, anger---deep breathing, please) There is a time for everything.


Try to adopt healthy habits you can commit. Don’t starve and deprive yourself. Take it slow if you plan to start an exercise regimen. Walking, stretching, and yoga will be your BFFs!


This 2021,  I must be intentional on the thoughts I entertain, because my  thoughts will define who I am. I want to see myself thriving in spite of difficulties and be able to sing the chorus of the song - Survivor! ;) I CAN, YOU CAN!

I want my 2021 to be a healthier version of me. It is an added year of my life. It is a gift and I want to treasure it by making healthy priorities.