Self-Empowerment Tips for Moms

by Louise Castrillo of Mamacademy PH

When we became mothers, we took on new responsibilities, unlocked new skills, and shifted priorities.  At some point during our motherhood, we may feel lost in our roles or in search of our old selves.  Motherhood can be overwhelming.  Not to mention the additional roles we must take in our careers and business.    

We can take back control, re-invent ourselves, and be empowered, here are tips for us, moms!

6 Ways to Empower Ourselves

Our vision of an empowered woman may be different depending on our circumstances, beliefs, and values.  But essentially, an empowered woman can make decisions for herself, her family, her career, or her business. 

Whether we are a new mom, a corporate mom, a budding entrepreneur, or an expert in our field, these tips can help us empower ourselves.

1. Develop Self-Awareness

The first step is to become self-aware.  We need to get to know ourselves again by reflecting on our:

Current emotional state

Our feelings may be because of our circumstances, self-perception, or even hormones.  Assessing how we are doing emotionally and what triggers these emotions can help us prevent these emotions from getting the best of us and clouding our judgments.

Strengths and Areas for Developments

Listing down our strengths and areas of development can help us have a more objective view of ourselves.  Acknowledging that we have skills and talents can help us feel better about ourselves, while knowing our areas for development can give us an idea of where else we can grow.


Recognize what is important for us by identifying our priorities based on our values.  Key decision-making becomes easier when our core values guide us.

2. Set Goals

We need to set time to identify our aspirations and goals to move forward.  Start small and work our way up.  Remember that we should value progress over perfection.

3. Trust

To feel confident in having control over ourselves, our families, our careers, and our business, we need to trust that we can make and stand by our decisions.

4. Accept mistakes with Grace.

Allowing ourselves to make mistakes and learn from them can build our character and strengthen our convictions.

We can genuinely grow when we accept that mistakes are part of learning.

5. Go back to learning

Learning can equip us with knowledge and help us build our confidence.  We are fortunate to have access to different learning materials and resources at the touch of our fingertips.

For visuals learners, start by grabbing a book and reading again. 

We can also watch videos from learning platforms such as Coursera, Skillshare, and Udemy.  Also, Mamacademy PH has various live learning sessions that we can re-watch at our most convenient time.  Access the Mamacademy PH Facebook community page to view videos on Child Development, Health, and Wellness, Personal and Family Finances, Lifestyle (Hobbies and Interests), and Entrepreneurship.

For auditory learners, podcasts and audible books can help us get up to speed on our topic of interest.  We can hear from your fellow moms to get encouragement and a new perspective, you can tune into the Mamacademy PH Podcast Channel.

If you are yearning for interaction with your fellow moms and mompreneurs, we also have monthly workshops under our PowHER Up series that you can join.

6. Network and collaborate.

When we come together, we can exchange stories, ideas, and experiences to enrich each other’s points of view.   

Opening ourselves to meet new people can open opportunities for us.  As we forge meaningful relationships and collaboration, we can elevate our mindset, strategies and improve our careers or business.

If you want to meet like-minded women who want to unwrap the value of connections and collaboration, join us in our March PowHER Up session, Unlocking the Power of Connections + Collaborations, on March 26, 10 AM.  We look forward to meeting you!

Louise Castrillo wrote this blog; She’s a mom blogger, design show junkie, and a hands-on mom to a preschooler.  She loves twinning with her daughter, making short videos, and tinkering with embroidery.