#WomazingHealthTalk on Nutrition and Lifestyle for Women

by Louise Castrillo of Mamacademy PH

Did you know that 80% of women suffer from hormonal imbalance?  I was shocked when I found this statistic.  Perhaps, I am like most women that didn’t know or realize that it is the hormonal imbalance causing mood swings, hair loss, persistent weight gain, and irregular menstruation.

These symptoms seem to be mild and even tolerable, and because of our fast-paced lives, we become too busy to notice the signals our body is sending us.  I find it concerning to know that the symptoms that we, women, take so lightly may lead to more severe conditions such as PCOS, infertility, breast cancer, endometriosis, and even depression.

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We at Mamacademy PH have teamed up with LifeScience Center for Health & Wellness as we recognize the importance of bringing awareness to us women on the often-overlooked topic in women’s health, hormonal imbalance.  We are excited to bring you ladies our first-ever #WomazingHealthTalk entitled Nutrition & Lifestyle for Women on September 26th, Saturday at 3 PM via Zoom & Mamacademy PH official Facebook page.  The online learning session aims to tackle the truth behind hormonal imbalance from a holistic point of view of Functional medicine.

Our partner in this initiative, LifeScience Center for Health and Wellness (LSC), is a service arm of the ROMLAS Health Group established ten years ago.  LSC is the first facility to offer Functional Medicine in the Philippines.

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Our very own Mamacademy PH Learning Mombassador, Kaye Ang, and LSC Women Health Coach, DJ Llabares, will host the online session.  Our friends and health experts,  Dr. Zoe Arugay-Magat and Joemarc Dela Cruz RND, will share their knowledge and expertise on the topic. 

Dr. Zoe Arugay-Magat MD, DPCOM, is an occupational medicine specialist with a strong background in wellness and safety in the entertainment industry.  She has received extensive training in the Institute of Functional Medicine in the United States, and Exercise is Medicine in Singapore.  She has been a functional practitioner since 2016 and has been helping her patients streamline their path to optimal health and function.

JoeMarc Dela Cruz is an Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)0trained Nutritionist Dietitian and has earned his degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at Centro Escolar University. As the Nutritionist-Dietitian Supervisor in LSC, he works in collaborative care teams to help individuals manage their various chronic and lifestyle diseases.

The learning session promises to be very beneficial and empowering to us women. Let us enable ourselves to care for our health by understanding the root causes of hormonal and learning the holistic measures we can take to address our health concerns.

Take the next step, mark your calendar, and register for the Nutrition & Lifestyle for Women Talk.  Together, let us walk towards a healthier lifestyle and a happier self through a renewed perspective of our nutrition and lifestyle.

Don’t forget to invite the women in your lives.  Share this with your mom, sisters, relatives, officemates, and friends.  Spread the word because hormonal imbalance can affect women of any age and status.

P.S. In case you’re wondering if this session is free, IT IS! So, what’s not to love and look forward to this #WomazingHealthTalk? We cannot wait to see you and learn with you on the 26th!


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