Family Expense Tracker

Why do we need to manage and track our cash flow?

When we track our cash flow, we can see the movement of our money. It also prepares us to manage wisely our assets and liabilities, and plan our financial goals.

We would like to share with you our Family Tracker that can help you start your money tracking journey.

You can also go back to our Facebook Live Learning Session about Tracking & Managing Cash Flow for more discussion and details.

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52 Week Money Challenge

A 52-week Money Challenge aims to deposit an increasing amount of money every week for one year (52 weeks).

There are so many kinds of 52-week Money Challenge.

You can adjust it depending on your situation.

Our goal is to deposit 50 pesos for the 1st week and increase the deposit by 50 for the succeeding weeks—I also created a 20 pesos and 10 pesos interval 52-week challenge worksheet.

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