Learning The MAMAzing Way

#MM10 - Motherhood & Parenting the Minimalist Way

Mom guest, Eden Bregala, shares her journey to embracing a minimalist life and how she is able to impart lessons, values, and characters to her family as a mother and a wife. Yet one of our fun episodes, tune in to this episode and you too might just be laughing your belly out (just as we did) while learning a lot from our multi-passion, work at home MOM, Eden.

#MM09 - Family Food FUNdamentals

Mom Speaker for Family Food FUNdamental herself, Gel Ann, shares her learnings in transitioning to and embracing healthier food choices while making it fun and highly beneficial for the family. Enjoy the fun and insightful exchange of learnings, the realities of shifting to a much healthier eating preferences, and the benefits that outweighs the challenges, all that and more in this podcast episode.

#MM08 - Joyful Homemaking

Kaye shares three points to joyfully embracing the role of a Homemaker and how we can be more intentional in this area of our life as we juggle the multiple hats of a mother, wife, daughter and many more. And how she has journeyed from initially disliking the idea homemaking to eventually loving every bit of it. Never a perfect journey but something that's fulfilling as we nurture our loved ones. Tune in for more purpose filled stories, inspirations, encouragements, struggle even, and so much more on this episode. Have a MAMAzing learning!

#MM07 - Journey to Re-lactation and Breastfeeding

In celebration of August Breastfeeding Awareness month, we are featuring our Learning MOMbassador and Mamacademy PH Founder herself, Kaye, and her story of re-lactation and breastfeeding. Sharing inspirations for soon-to-be moms who's desire is to breastfeed, fellow moms who are already breastfeeding, or those who want to resume with their breastfeeding journey - this episode is exactly for you.

#MM06 - Blog to Inspire with Bea Jalandoni

With her blogging experience of 13 years, Bea Jalandoni shares her valuable learnings when creating a blog that inspires and stands out with authenticity and uniqueness. Listen to this episode and be inspired to pursue your passion as Bea did with her love for blogging. It doesn't matter where you are in your journey as a blogger and an aspiring one. It's your desire, experience and your own story that will make it shine among the countless blogs there is to find online.

#MM05 - Honoring the Leader of our Family - our Husbands

Kaye shares how we as wives can spur up, honor, and appreciate our husbands with all the work that they do as the leader of our family. Why is it important to honor our husbands, how our simple actions can make them feel appreciated, and what are some steps we can do to intentionally let our husbands know we love them - all those and more on this episode devoted to just encouraging, loving, and most especially, HONORING our husbands.

#MM04 - Mom Budgeting Tips

Tipid Mommy, Gracie Maulion herself, shares valuable practices in dealing with almost everyone's valid concern - Money Management. As a Money MOMnager herself, she imparts really practical ways as to how we can manage our finances more responsibly and leaving out important points for budgeting for mothers like us. Hop on the show and don't miss out another MAMAzing podcast episode this week!

#MM03 - Rocking the WAHMazing Life with Viviene Bigornia

Viviene Bigornia, the Mom Speaker for this month's Be WAHMazing workshop shares her three valuable lessons in rocking the Work at Home Mom life. Listen up and learn from her tips and tricks in making the WAHM life M-A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

#MM02 - Play-based Learning for Toddlers / Young Children

A really informative episode with Mommy Li, a Parent-Teacher Trainer and the Mom Founder of Present Parenting Solutions, an online platform that helps Moms address their concerns about the Learning and Developmental needs of their children. She shares how parents and moms can be more intentional and engaged in playing with our children that reinforces and stimulates learning at the same time.

#MM01 - We have finally launched our pilot episode!

We are celebrating our first year anniversary in Mamacademy PH and what better way to celebrate it by launching our official Podcast channel. Join us as Mamacademy PH founder herself, Kaye, shares her journey to starting this #MAMAzing Learning Community alongside motherhood, her inspirations, the joys of doing it over the past year as well as the challenges that makes it an even more purpose filled adventure, and leaves tips for fellow moms who are desiring to start their own passion project~