Learning The MAMAzing Way

#MM94: Building a Strong Support System with Mama Rosey

We've often heard advice about drawing help from our support systems, but how exactly do we build a strong support system for mothers like us? Tune in to the latest Mamacademy PH episode featuring guest Mama Rosey, who shares her story, journey, and lessons on building her own strong mama support system. She openly discusses the highs and lows of creating and strengthening this network over time. If you're a mama looking to learn how other mamas build their strong support networks, this episode is for you. Listen today and let us know which part of the conversation resonates with you. Don’t forget to follow the Mamacademy PH Podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and show some love by leaving us your rating and feedback. Enjoy this episode!

#MM93: The Unspoken Mental Load for Mothers with Mama Malex

Motherhood is a constant flow of thoughts, a mental marathon that's part of our journey as moms. We carry an unseen and often unspoken mental load. But what does this really mean for us? Tune in to the newest episode of the Mamacademy PH podcast, where Mama Malex shares her experience as a working mom - the mental load and its realities. This episode provides raw insights into motherhood, and carries a heartwarming message. We hope you'll enjoy this episode with Mama Malex. You can listen to it on Spotify and iTunes Apple Podcasts.

#MM92: Living the Unhurried and Focused Motherhood with Mama Mico

How do we live a focused and unhurried motherhood? This newest Mamacademy PH podcast episode give us a peek into Mama Mico’s life and how she and her family adopted a more mindful and relaxed approach to motherhood and family life. Mama Mico's journey is a tapestry of experiences, filled with insights for mothers who wish to explore a more focused and unhurried lifestyle. Her transition to this way of life and the inspirations behind the change are truly interesting. Tune in to this episode and don’t forget to follow The Mamacademy PH Podcast Show on iTunes Apple Podcast and Spotify for your regular dose of mama kwentuhan and learning.

#MM91: Community Building and Motherhood with Mama MK

How does one successfully juggle the complex tasks of building a community, nurturing a family, and running her own business? Tune in to this engaging episode where we got a wealth of valuable lessons from Mama MK herself, the inspirational woman behind Filipina Homebased Moms. In this enlightening podcast episode, we had the privilege of interviewing Mama MK, gaining insights into her journey and the strategies she employs to balance her roles effectively. This is an episode you won't want to miss - it’s got a ton of practical tips and heartwarming anecdotes that every mom, entrepreneur, and community builder can learn from.

#MM90: A walk down the memory lane celebrating Mamacademy PH’s journey with Mama Kaye and Mama Oui

Join us on this episode as we take a nostalgic journey with Mama Kaye and Mama Oui, reflecting on the past 7 years of Mamacademy PH. We'll recount our humble beginnings, our highs and lows, and so much more. Tune in for a behind-the-scenes chat about Mamacademy PH. Learn more about our community and how the past 7 years have been full of grace. Happy 7th anniversary to us, mamas! We're grateful for your active participation in this community over the years. Your presence has made our journey through #LearningAlongsideMotherhood all the more meaningful and enjoyable. Here's to many more years of encouraging, empowering, and enabling mothers, all by the grace of God.

#MM89: How Not to Give Up your Dreams as Mom with Mama Joy

How does a mom keep the dream in her heart amid growing responsibilites and to-do list? We’re glad to welcome you back for another round of real-life mama conversation and insightful kwentuhan in this podcast episode. Joining us on this episode is Mama Joy - a mom of two, educator, and a mom who pursued her dream through a passion project. Find out more about her story through this episode and find nuggets of inspirations from her journey of not quitting on her dreams as a mother. Catch the full episode on our Spotify and iTunes Apple Podcasts channel and don’t forget to hit the follow button for your regular dose of Mamacademy PH podcast episodes.

#MM88: Motherhood and Decision-Making with Mama Eunice

As mothers, we are constantly juggling countless decisions for our children, our families, ourselves, and beyond. Despite the pressure, we are warriors, always striving to make the most sound, practical, and harmonious decisions possible. In the latest Mamacademy PH podcast episode, Mama Eunice shares some practical lessons and experiences about decision-making as a mother. She recounts a recent event that demanded a careful decision and how this scenario honed her values and decision-making strategies. Tune into this episode on Spotify or iTunes Apple Podcasts, and don't forget to hit the follow button for your regular dose of mom conversations. Here’s to #LearningAlongsideMotherhood together!

#MM87: Doubts in Motherhood, Humility, and Reflections with Mama Sydney

How does our mama guest navigate through the reality and presence of doubt in motherhood? Today on this episode, we’ve got another mama story and conversation that will for sure encourage us as we talk further about the deeper and unusually discussed areas of motherhood that is the inevitable doubts, fears, and how this adds up to the overwhelming challenge that we have in motherhood. Mama Sydney shares on this episode deeply personal stories, stories of overcoming, and thoughtful reflections, we hope to inspire, uplift, and empower each mama tuning in to this episode. This heartwarming and insightful episode is now available for you on Spotify and iTunes Apple Podcasts. May this episode bring you the encouragement you need to embrace motherhood with joy and assurance knowing that you are not along in this journey, mama. Enjoy this episode!

#MM86: Embracing the Postpartum Mama Body with Coach Mindy

We understand that motherhood is a journey filled with precious moments, challenges, and transformation. As you navigate through the beautiful chaos of raising a little one, remember that your postpartum body is a testament to the incredible strength and love you embody as a mother. In this episode of Mamacademy PH podcast, we're thrilled to have Coach Mindy, a dedicated mom and fitness expert, who will help us embrace and love our postpartum bodies. As mothers, we often tend to be our own harshest critics, but Coach Mindy is here to remind us that our bodies are beautiful, strong, and deserving of our love and appreciation. Join us for an empowering conversation that celebrates the resilience of postpartum bodies and the profound beauty of motherhood itself. This is an episode you don't want to miss, as Coach Mindy will be sharing practical tips and insights on how we can view our bodies in a new light and feel more confident and empowered. The episode is now available on Spotify and iTunes Apple Podcasts. Remember to subscribe to never miss an episode that's made with a whole lot of love for all the amazing mamas out there. And if you've enjoyed listening, leave us a review! Your feedback fuels our passion to bring you meaningful content. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this heartwarming episode with Coach / Mama Mindy. Here's to celebrating the strength, love, and beauty of motherhood together!

#MM85: Embracing Change & Moving through Transitions with Mama Katt

Episode 85 of our Mamacademy PH podcast featuring Mama Katt is now available! In this episode, Mama Katt shares her experience navigating a significant life change and how she managed this major transition. Change is inevitable, but how can we navigate it in a healthy way, gathering lessons and wisdom along the journey? Tune in to this episode for another inspiring story of resilience, faith, and courageous motherhood. Mama Katt’s story will surely provide encouragement and valuable lessons for us, mothers. Don't miss out on this heartwarming episode. Tune in via Spotify and iTunes Apple Podcasts and don’t forget to share!

#MM84: Prioritizing Ourselves Too with Mama Kamille

Prioritizing ourselves may sound cliche but truth is, we can’t give when we feel empty. Tune in to Mamacademy PH podcast episode 84 with Mama Kamille as she shares her journey through making herself a priority too amid all the roles that she juggle. As mothers, it's easy to get caught up in the never-ending demands of our roles. But it's essential to remember that prioritizing ourselves is not selfish—it's an act of love. When we take care of ourselves, we can show up fully for our families, radiating warmth and love. In episode 84 of the Mamacademy PH podcast, Mama Kamille opens up about her own journey of self-prioritization. She shares how she learned to fill her own cup, even amidst the chaos of juggling multiple responsibilities. Her story is a beautiful reminder that by taking the time to nurture our own well-being, we can become the best versions of ourselves for our children. Tune in today via Spotify and iTunes Apple podcast and be encouraged by this episode with Mama Kamille.

#MM83: Navigating Motherhood with Pre-Teens with Mama Annie

Another amazing podcast episode is now up on Spotify PH and iTunes Apple Podcasts! Tune in to this episode with Mama Annie as she dives into the wonderful, challenging, and rewarding journey of mothering pre-teens. With her warm and relatable approach, Mama Annie shares her insights, experiences, and practical advice to help us navigate this transformative stage of parenting. From understanding the emotional changes to building strong connections and fostering independence, this podcast is relatable and practical not just to mamas of pre-teens but even to moms of younger children. Tune in and discover practical strategies, heartfelt stories, and valuable tips to prepare and make the most of this incredible phase in our child's life.

#MM82: Empowering Ourselves to Empower Others with Coach Jean

🎧🌟 What does the journey of regaining strength look like for our guest on the Mamacademy PH podcast? Join us for another heartwarming conversation on episode 82 with Mama and Coach Jean! In this episode, Coach Jean shares her personal journey as a mom and her inspiring story of regaining strength in different aspects of her life. This journey became her inspiration and led to her unwavering commitment to helping other mothers in their postpartum recovery as a fitness coach. Get ready to be captivated by her story of resilience, hope, and triumph. 🔥🎉 It's a beautiful conversation about loss and finding oneself again. Be sure to tune in to this heartwarming episode with Coach Jean. Listen now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and don't forget to hit follow/subscribe for your regular dose of real-life mom stories and empowering mama conversations. 💪💕

#MM81: Dealing with Mom Guilt with Mama Nica

Let’s talk all about Mama Guilt on our Mamacademy PH Year Opener Podcast Episode 81: Dealing with Mama Guilt, featuring the amazing Mama Nica. In this heartwarming and empowering episode, Mama Nica opens up about the truths of mama guilt and shares her invaluable insights and personal experiences on how to conquer its challenges. Discover practical tips and effective strategies to find balance, practice self-compassion, and let go of mama guilt. Tune in to this episode to hear more about Mama Nica’s story and how she deals with mama guilt when it happens. Don't miss out on this encouraging conversation! Tune in and be inspired to embrace your journey as a mother with grace, confidence, and the reassurance that you're not alone in this journey.

#MM80: Setting Healthy Boundaries for Mothers with Mama Pau

🎙️ New Podcast Episode Alert! 🎧 Join us for an insightful and heartwarming conversation with Mama Pau as we discuss the importance of creating healthy boundaries in our lives. In this episode of the Mamacademy PH Podcast, Mama Pau shares her life story and how she discovered the transformative power of boundaries in her journey as a mother and in various aspects of her life. Take a moment for yourself and listen to this empowering episode, now available on Spotify PH and iTunes Apple Podcasts. 🎧🎉 Let Mama Pau's words inspire you to establish healthy boundaries to nurture your well-being and create a more balanced and joy-filled life. Don't miss out on this heartwarming conversation! Tune in now and let Mama Pau remind you of the beauty of guarding our hearts, minds, and space too as a mother. 💕

#MM79: Making Time for Mama Breathers with Mama Cha

Why are breathers such an essential part of our roles as mothers? Join us in our newest Mamacademy PH podcast episode 79 as we talk to Mama Cha, an amazing mom who shares her secrets to embracing self-care through Mama Breathers. In this captivating episode, Mama Cha opens up about the transformative experience of making time for herself as a mother. Get ready to be inspired as she dives deep into the importance of self-care, providing practical tips and insights that every mother can relate to. Don’t miss out on our second to the last episode for this year! Tune in on Spotify or iTunes Apple Podcasts and discover how you can make time for mama breathers.

#MM78: Life Update and Unexpected Detours of Motherhood with Mama Bernadette

Life updates, life lessons, motherhood and more - episode 78 is yet another encouraging episode for all of us mothers to pause and take time to care for themselves. Mama Bernadette returns for the second time this year to share her story about a recent unexpected life detour and the valuable lessons she has learned from it. We appreciate Mama Bernadette's openness in sharing her life story, and we hope that it resonates with you. Motherhood may lead us down unexpected paths, but one thing remains constant: God's grace abound in every season of our life. Tune in to the this episode for the full conversation with Mama Bernadette. Get ready to learn from her story and be inspired.

#MM77: Sisterhood in Motherhood with Mama Bea

One of the blessings we have as mothers is the deep connections we form with other [m](http://moms.is)amas.These friendships that evolve into sisterhoods are truly special and have a profound impact on our lives as women, mothers, and individuals. In this episode, Mama Bea shares her personal journey and how these mama friendships turned sisterhoods have shaped her life. If you're fortunate enough to have these special mama friendships and sisterhoods in your life, take a moment to express your gratitude to these amazing women. It truly is a beautiful blessing to have mama friends who love you genuinely. Make sure you tune in to this heartwarming episode with Mama Bea as she delves into the power of mama friendships turned sisterhoods. You'll be inspired by her story and reminded of the incredible bond shared by mothers on this beautiful journey.

#MM76: Finding your Kilig in Motherhood with Mama Ches

Discover your kilig motherhood with Mama Chesca on Episode 76 of Mamacademy PH! Join us as we embark on a beautiful journey of finding 'kilig' moments in motherhood. In this heartwarming episode, Mama Ches, a multi-passionate mompreneur, shares her personal story of rediscovering joy amidst the everyday challenges of motherhood. She reveals the secrets to finding fulfillment as a mom and shares some behind-the-scenes anecdotes from her own fascinating journey. If, like Mama Ches, you have been longing to recapture that joy and kilig in motherhood, this episode is for you. Tune in now via Spotify or iTunes Apple Podcasts and let Mama Ches inspire you to find your kilig in motherhood too.

#MM75: Raising Healthier Mothers with Mama Mara

Mothers are the ultimate nurturers when it comes to the people we love. We go above and beyond to ensure their well-being, but what about our own? Join us on the Mamacademy PH podcast episode 75 with Mama Mara as she shares her inspiring story of how her life was transformed making the decision to prioritize her health too. It's not an easy journey, but it's one she committed to day by day, gradually becoming a better version of herself. If you need an extra boost of encouragement to start or recommit to a healthier lifestyle before the end of the year, this episode is for you. The truth is, our health journey can be a constant struggle, especially when raising children and managing other responsibilities as adults. This episode can serve as a strong reminder of the importance of prioritizing our health. Tune in now and join us on this empowering journey towards a healthier motherhood!

#MM74: Life as an OFW Wife with Mama Jen

When we look at other mothers' lives and wonder how they manage so well, we often forget that they too have their own struggles. In episode 74 of the Mamacademy PH Podcast, we feature Mama Jen from [Shadrach.Co](http://shadrach.co/), who shares her life as an OFW wife of over 20 years. She brings to this episode a wealth of stories that help us understand the struggles of being an OFW wife that are not always visible from the outside. Tune in to this episode to hear Mama Jen's story of being an OFW wife, as well as her wisdom-filled motherhood story and practical life lessons on marriage, motherhood, parenting, finances, and more. This is another Mamacademy PH episode that is packed with learnings and insights! Don't miss it! Listen now on iTunes Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 🎙️👩‍👧‍👦

#MM73: How to be a Better Mom with Mama Jude

As mothers, we all strive to be the best for our children, but it's natural to question if we're doing enough. We are so much excited to share our latest Mamacademy PH podcast episode 73 with Mama Jude as she comes back for a second episode. Jude is a mom of two, mompreneur, and author of the book "How to be a Better Mom." On this episode, Jude shares inspiring lessons on how to be intentional mothers as we strive to be better mothers. She shared so much of her experiences as a mom, real-life scenarios that we can relate with for sure, and lessons that we can all learn from. Tune in via Spotify and Apple Podcasts for this heartwarming episode with Mama Jude.

#MM72: Embracing New Beginnings with Mama Viva

How do you come to terms with the end of something that holds a special place in your heart and that you dearly love? Perhaps a business, work, or something you have been doing for a long time now yet needs to be let go. In this episode of Mamacademy PH, we are honored to welcome Mama Viva as our special guest. Join us as she shares her incredible personal journey of humbly ending chapters in her life and embracing new beginnings with joy. Mama Viva talks about the obstacles she faced and how she overcame them, sharing the valuable lessons she learned along the way. It's natural to feel scared and discouraged when things come to an end (especially if this takes a special part in our life/heart), but Mama Viva's story is one that we can all relate to. Her insights and experiences inspire and encourage us to press on and trust in God amid the uncertainties of new beginnings. Don't miss out on the opportunity to hear Mama Viva's story and learn valuable life lessons from her. Tune in to Mamacademy PH Episode 72 now!

#MM71: Guarding Our Mama Time: Self Care Practices with Mama Ariane

Being a mom is a full-time job, and sometimes it can be easy to forget to prioritize our own well-being. But taking care of ourselves is just as important as taking care of our families. In this episode, Mama Ariane shares her insights and tips on how moms can practice self-care, even in the midst of a busy schedule. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, take your mama break or keep us in the background while you work and tune in to Mamacademy PH Podcast Episode 71 with Mama Ariane, another inspiring mama conversation that you will surely love.

#MM70: A Life Changing Test that Turned into a Testimony with Mama Lorby

In this episode of Mamacademy PH podcast, Mama Lorby shares her story of discovering a life-changing test that would eventually lead to a beautiful testimony of the Lord's faithfulness. She narrates the challenges she faced and how her faith and perseverance helped her overcome them. Mama Lorby's story is an inspiring reminder that no matter what life throws our way, we can always rely on God's grace to carry us through. This episode is a must-listen for moms who need a boost of encouragement and hope. Tune in now and be inspired by Mama Lorby's journey.

#MM69: Motherhood by Grace: Walking Daily with God as a Mother with Mama Avic

As mothers, each of us has a unique journey to motherhood, but we can surely agree that we learn to trust God more deeply during this time. We welcome Avic back to the Mamacademy PH podcast for her second episode with us. In this episode, she shares her experiences as a mother, how she copes with challenges, how she enjoys parenting, and what motivates her daily. This episode is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Tune in now for the full conversation with Mama Avic.

#MM68: Single but Not Alone: Raising Children as a Single Mother with Ellie Tablada

This episode goes out to all the mothers who strongly and bravely do the work of a father too. We know that being a mom is already a challenging job, but it becomes even more challenging when you have to do it alone. Tune in to our podcast episode 68 where we talked to Ellie Tablada. Ellie is a single mother with two daughters. Strong is an understatement when it comes to Ellie balancing motherhood, work, and finishing her degree, which she has always prayed for. Through it all, Ellie has found strength in her faith and her loved ones. Her story is a testament to God's sustaining and enabling grace. Join us in this episode as we delve into the inspiring journey of Mama Ellie. We hope that this episode will encourage you as much as it did for us.

#MM67:Resilience in Motherhood with Jamie Ayque

n this episode, Jamie Ayque shares insights on how to stay resilient and persevere in the face of challenges that come with juggling motherhood, business, marriage, and everything adult life. She talks about her real-life and highly relatable challenges when it comes to balancing her roles, and shares motherhood lessons and best practices she learned along the way. Whether you're a new mom or a seasoned one, this interview with Jamie is sure to be relatable and informative. Tune in now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts to listen to Mamacademy PH Podcast Episode #67: Resilience in Motherhood with Jamie Ayque.

#MM66: Mothering Uniquely: a Mama’s story through Parenting her Child with Unique Needs with Katt Uy

How does a mother process disheartening news about her newborn? How does she deal with the emotions and move past hurdles with hope and strength for tomorrow? You can find all these and more on Mamacademy PH's podcast episode #66 with Katt Uy. In this episode, Katt shares her unique motherhood story as a mom of a child with unique needs. Her story began with fears and doubts, but it has become a journey of hope for her and her family. Katt's story is filled with real-life emotions that many of us can relate to. It is sure to be inspiring and full of learning for all of us.

#MM65: Work-in-Progress: Mama Transformation Journey with Louise Castrillo

Motherhood in itself is challenging - we all know that by now, but committing to something that can potentially bring about significant transformations to our lives takes an extra level of commitment, courage, and strength. And when we talk about transformations, we are often awestruck by the results it brings. However, the dedication and work behind them often remains unnoticed. This podcast episode features Mama Louise Castrillo, one of the Mamacademy PH team members, who share about her physical fitness journey and transformation, and the behind-the-scenes work she puts in to make the transformation possible. Tune in to hear more about Louise's story, and let it inspire and encourage you.

#MM64: Motherhood and Career: Making it Work with Isa Buencamino

We have always admired working mothers' strength and how they balance everything gracefully despite the extra hats. A former mom executive, leadership coach, women empowerment advocate, and founder of Women of the World Coaching Program - we have Isa Buencamino on this episode. As hardworking mothers in our own contexts, we can all learn a lot from this conversation with Isa. Get ready for another heartwarming mom story from Isa, along with a heap of encouragement and learning.

#MM63: Marriage and Business: Managing a Business with a Spouse with Jelyn Patricio

How do successful husband-wife entrepreneurs foster a healthy relationship while running a successful business together? This week on our podcast episode #63 we have mompreneur Mama Jelyn Patricio sharing her real-life stories, tips, and best practices about managing a business alongside her husband. A “help mate” is exactly what Mama Jelyn is to her husband. Tune in to learn more about her story and more of our conversation with her on this episode.

#MM62: Strength Training for Moms with Coach Mayet

Curious about strength training and how can this greatly benefit mothers like us? We’ve invited Coach Mayet, a professionally trained Strength Training Coach to talk to us more about it and why this exercise is as important as other fitness practices out there. On this episode, Coach Mayet also shares her humble beginnings and her genuine passion for lifting other moms through fitness training. At present, Coach Mayet training mothers from different parts of the Philippines and abroad helping them achieve their health and fitness goals. Tune in for some mama learning, fun kwentuhan, and more on this podcast episode!

#MM61: Getting through Overwhelming Seasons with Gizelle Dizon

As mothers, we can all agree that motherhood can be overwhelming at times, but our response can make a great deal of difference during these extra handful seasons. Learn how Mama Gizelle Dizon, a homeschooling mother of two and advocate for home organization, handles motherhood's overwhelm. In this episode, she shares a lot of her mama stories and lessons that we can all learn from. Tune in for some mama kwentuhan and don't forget to subscribe to our podcast channels (Spotify and iTunes Apple Podcasts) for new episodes twice every month.

#MM60: Marriage and Motherhood: Balancing vs Prioritizing with Mico Sadorra

Paano ba balansihin ang pagiging Nanay at pagiging Asawa? (How do you balance your role as a mother and a wife) This and a lot more questions that Mico, a marriage blogger, answered in this podcast episode. We have intentionally recorded and aired this episode in time for February heart's day. Be encouraged and be filled with wisdom from Mico's insightful thoughts in this episode.

#MM59: Mompreneurship Lessons Learned the Hard Way with Lan Perez

Being a mompreneur is like raising another child; it needs to be nurtured and cared for like your own. A mompreneur's life is filled with beauty and challenges and our mom guest, Lan Perez shares a plethora of them in this episode. Get your daily dose of mom kwentuhan, learning, and encouragement by tuning in to episode #59 of The Mamacademy PH Podcast Show.

#MM58: Working with Kids Around with Irene Chan

How does a mom with very young children manage to work at home? We are privileged to chat with Irene Chan, a mom of two and a work-at-home mother who manages a virtual agency. She’ll let us in to some of her tried and tested tips + best practices when it comes to making work-at-home scenario manageable with young and active children. You’ll learn a lot from this mama! We hope you’ll enjoy this podcast episode!

#MM57: Wise Money Habits with Bernadette Lim

New year means fresh resolutions! If being better at money management is one of the things you want to improve on this 2023, don’t skip this episode. Our year opener episode with mompreneur Bernadette Lim will give you practical tips for wiser money management this 2023. We hope that this year will be a fresh start for wiser money habits and financial management strategies for all of us mamas

#MM56: Answering Marriage Questions with Sheena Radam

In this episode, Sheena Radam answers some questions that moms in our community have about their marriages. One thing we're clear about at the end of the episode is that marriage involves constant nurturing from both spouses. While it won't be easy, with both spouses committed to working things out and by God's grace, it will be manageable and worth all the humps and bumps. Tune in and be encouraged by this episode as Sheena Radam, the mom writer behind the book When Love is Lost shares her marriage wisdom. Sheena is also a writer, a homeschooling mother, and a mompreneur.

#MM55: Loss, grief, unexpected life transition and mom friendships

How do two mom friends help each other cope with life’s uncertain situations such as loss or sudden transitions? Here’s an extra special episode with real life mom friends, Avic and Aileen, sharing with us their stories of coping with losses at the height of the pandemic that led them to write their book. A book the sums up their journey through healing and going forward. Tune in and learn more about these two mom friends’ heartfelt stories and lessons in this podcast episode. P.S. get ready for some tear jerking conversations in this episode

#MM54: Side Hustle - Is this for me?

You are a mom who wants to try a side hustle but you have a lot of questions about it. We have on our newest podcast episode, May Palabrica, an HR executive, a business owner, and best of all, a mom of three. How did she start her side hustle and how is it like juggling her hat as a working mother? Tune in to this episode for a lot of practical advices and May’s story of humble beginnings from launching her side hustle to gracefully journeying on it several years later. Be inspired and have a MAMAzing learning!

#MM53:The Battle is Real: Winning over Depression after 7 years with Ivy Sepe

According to statistics, depression affects about 5% of adults worldwide. What does it look like to overcome depression? Join us for this podcast episode in celebration of mental health awareness month as we speak to a mom who triumphantly overcame depression after experiencing it for seven years. Despite being emotionally challenging, her story provides comfort that victory can be found at the end of these difficult times. Our constant reminder for everyone - please do not ignore depression or any other emotionally distressing periods in your life if you or someone you know is suffering from it. It is helpful to encourage people going through these challenging seasons to speak up and seek help from professionals who are well-suited to handle situations like theirs. For moms struggling through these challenging seasons, you can feel free to reach out to us. Our resident mom coach/therapist will be available to talk to you.

#MM52: Mothering in Sickness and in Health with Ivy Guerrero

How does a mother continue nurturing her family despite going through health challenges? Tune in to this episode to hear Ivy Guerrero’s real-life story dealing with Lupus for 24 years now. Her story of faith is truly encouraging especially if you too mama are going through health challenges at this time. We’d love to encourage you through Ivy’s personal story in this episode.

#MM51: Let's Talk about PCOS with Dr. Ronnah Ong

With a lot of women battling with PCOS these days, it is high time that we know more about this condition. Joining us for this podcast episode is Dr. Ronnah Ong, a functional medicine doctor. She will answer some most frequently asked questions from our fellow moms. Tune in and have a MAMAzing learning!

#MM50: Nurturing the Nurturer with Dr. Mads Echavez-Martin.

In celebration of breastfeeding month, we have invited an OB GYNE and Breastfeeding Advocate to share with us practical tips to care for ourselves while we nurture our little ones. Tune in to this episode for the audio version of our Momversation Facebook live with Dr. Mads Echavez-Martin.

#MM49: Finding the Joy in Motherhood with Louise Castrillo

Our season as mothers could get extremely busy to the point of exhaustion and then we end up finding ourselves experiencing loneliness, discouragement, and many more. In this episode, we are sharing one of our momversations where we talked about how we can find joy in our everyday life as mothers. Tune in for another fun yet heart warming podcast episode.

#MM48: Creating a Business that fits your season as a mom with Mama Jillianne Francia-Ramilo

What business can mothers launch alongside their season of motherhood? In this episode, we are blessed to talk with a fellow mom and entrepreneur, Mama Jillianne Francia-Ramilo, as she shares her humble beginnings as the mompreneur behind several thriving brands and how her businesses came to be. She also shares in this episode how she is able to balance her role as a mother and entrepreneur. Tune in for another insightful yet heartfelt discussion in this podcast episode!

#MM47: Calming our Mom Heart with Teacher Tanya Velasco

Conversations with other moms who are filled with wisdom are always a surefire way to calm a weary mama heart. It is such a blessing and an honor to have this conversation with Teacher Tanya Velasco in this podcast episode. She’s one of the moms we look up to and her words in this episode are truly heartwarming, perfect for moms like us needing a soothing for our hearts, minds, and souls. Don’t miss out this episode! Tune in today and let us know which part in the conversation encouraged you.

#MM46: Simplified Motherhood with Ms. Rita Torrejon

Do you feel overwhelmed most times? You’re not alone, mama. The beautiful thing about having other moms journeying alongside us is that we can learn from each other and encourage each one through our stories. Having reached a point where it all became too much for her, Rita Torrejon, a mom of two and a mompreneur, shares her story through overwhelming seasons of motherhood and discovering ways that help her simplify everyday motherhood. Tune in to this practical yet heartwarming episode with Rita.

#MM45: Mindfulness at Home with Beatrice Aquino and Leni Muttom

Mindfulness is something we commonly hear these days but what truly does that mean in a more practical sense at home, in our motherhood season, for our young children and our day-to-day affairs is what mommies Bea and Leni of My Little Smarts shared in this podcast episode. We share this episode with this excitement for a bunch of wisdom we learned from these two amazing moms. Make sure to tune in and take in as much learning as you can - parenting, motherhood, and everything else in between - for this episode.

#MM44: Celebrating 5 years of Learning Alongside Motherhood through Mamacademy PH with Kaye Ang and Doc Jet Bacaltos

It’s been an amazing 5 years of learning alongside motherhood with all of you through God’s sustaining grace! Yup, happy anniversary mamas! If you’re wondering how this whole passion for mom learning came to be and what we’re all about, we invite you to tune in to this special anniversary podcast interview with Kaye, our very own learning mombassador, as she shares the story behind Mamacademy PH and more. This is an original podcast interview done by Doc Jet Bacaltos of Mompreneur MD and we’d like to thank her for allowing us to share this interview with everyone. So, happy anniversary to us moms!!!! We will never get tired saying THANK YOU for making us a part of your mom tribe and journeying with us as we continue learning alongside motherhood. We pray that God will enable us to serve you with more learning-filled years ahead with you and more moms. 💗

#MM43 Embracing our Body After Giving Birth with Coach Mindy Lagdameo

A mom's body is no doubt tough. We go through too many changes, often overwhelming, while we go through different seasons in our life as a mother. This usually makes us feel alienated with our bodies and leads us to questions that we figured we'd love to help our fellow moms and to-be moms with. This is why we have invited on this podcast episode, Coach Mindy Lagdameo, a UK Certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Fitness Specialist to help us understand more about the many physical changes we go through as mothers so we can embrace and nurture our now stronger mom bodies. Tune in to this new podcast episode and always remember, you are one tough mama who gave birth to tiny humans!

#MM42: Organizing Life as a Mompreneur

As mompreneurs, organizing our daily affairs and the rest of the hats we wear could get extra challenging. That is why we have invited for this episode a serial mompreneur and the Fragrance Specialist herself, Bernadette Lim. Bernadette, a mompreneur to several businesses yet a very intentional mom/parent, shares in this episode her best practices and hacks to keeping herself on top of her mompreneur game and making sure she's able to make time for what genuinely matters for her. Tune in to this episode and let us know which tips from Bernadette do you find helpful for yourself. Have a MAMAzing learning!

#MM41 : Gaining Back the Confidence after Motherhood with Viviene Bigornia

The truth is, a mom's confidence may significantly dip postpartum and regaining it can be a continuing struggle due to a lot of things we need to do, plus the too strong pressure around us. Tune in to this podcast episode with Viviene Bigornia, one of our favorite moms, to share with us how she worked on regaining her confidence and how we, too, can work on ours. We hope you'll enjoy this podcast as much as we had fun learning from Viviene!

#MM40 : Managing a Business as a Mom with Young Children

Is it possible to start and manage a business with very young children? Check out our latest podcast episode with Dr. Jet Cantal-Bacaltos, a mom of two and a mompreneur. In this episode, she takes us through her routine as a mompreneur and tips that help her thrive in her season of motherhood.

#MM39 : Working Through Becoming a Better Mom with Jude Agbayani

Motherhood is a continuing journey of constantly aiming to be better for our loved ones. We acknowledge that it is never easy but definitely doable through the grace of God. In this podcast episode, Jude Agbayani, mom of two and a self-published author of the book, "How to be a Better Mom," shares practical ways we can do to be better as moms, wives, daughters, friends, and many more. This is definitely one of our favorite episodes thus far, and we hope you'll love it too. There are too many real and raw motherhood moments yet very encouraging. Don't forget to tune in via @spotify or @applepodcasts and share. We'd love for you and the rest of the moms to learn from this episode with Jude.

#MM38 : Mama Dental Health Q&A with Novodental PH

As moms, we've always taken responsibility for ensuring that the dental health of our families is kept in top shape, but remember that we should also take care of our own. In this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Novodental PH's mom dentists (Dr. Erika Valera & Dr. Gia Bernabe), who answered our frequently asked questions about dental health. We have a lot of questions that are finally answered. Don't miss out and tune in to this episode via @spotify and @applepodcasts. Have a MAMAzing learning!

#MM37 : Career WoMOM: How can we Make it Work?

This episode with Kurly De Guzman, a mom and Career Agility and Talent Development Coach, talks about how a working mom like her make things work with all the other hats that she wears. We know too well that motherhood is a tough role in itself but how she's able to juggle everything work and personal/family related - all these things and more of her best practices in this part of her motherhood right here in this episode. Tune in and let us know what you think about this episode with Kurly.

#MM36: Helpful Habits to Start this 2022

Kick off 2022 with new habits that will be helpful as we journey through motherhood this year. Tune in to this podcast episode with the mommy kapitbahays as we talk about individual habits that we will start this year. We hope that you'll find inspiration from this episode as you start/carry on great habits to help you sail off this year more manageably.

#MM35: Embracing the Eco-Friendly Lifestyle at Home

For the past five years or so, there has been a noticeable increase in awareness when it comes to eco-friendly movements and initiatives. And so for this episode, we've invite Laarnie Rivera-Cancio, the co-founder of Back to Basics Ecostore. She decided to leave her corporate job to focus on setting up and growing advocacy-driven businesses particularly those that support environment protection, indigenous people and other local communities that help uplift and sustain people's livelihood. Tune in to this episode for a lot of practical tips from Laarnie when it comes to shifting, introducing, and sustaining an eco-friendly lifestyle that is doable and manageable.

#MM34: Creating & Nurturing Christmas Holiday Traditions with the Family

The holiday season brings a lot of good old memories for family traditions For sure! So, on this Mamacademy PH podcast episode, Ronna Bonifacio, a mom of three, shares how we can create our own set of traditions as young and growing families. You would definitely love to hear some ideas for traditions that you and your family can give a try for this year's Christmas. We're excited for you to tune in to this session and hear a bunch of ideas from Ronna Bonifaco. Have a MAMAzing learning and officially, we'd love to start greeting you a blessed Christmas season in advance!

#MM33: Preparing the Home for the Holidays

We know that the holiday season can be extremely hectic for many of us, especially moms who are the "official organizers of the family.". But just before the holiday busyness officially kicks in, we got you some help from our fellow mom and Home Organization Expert and Alignment Coach as she shares tips on how we can prepare our homes for the holiday season. Tune in to this podcast episode with Ally and let's work on prepping our homes for the holiday!

#MM32: Postpartum Depression - What you Need to Know When it Happens

On this episode, we have a fellow mom and a Cognitive Behavior Therapist, Aileen Ang, sharing with us about postpartum depression or commonly recognized as PPD. What is it really about and how do we know if we're experiencing one? You or someone you know may have experienced this or may be experiencing the telltale signs of PPD. Learn how you can support someone dealing with this situation and how you can help them deal with it. In the end, we're here to help other moms (whether new or seasoned) navigate our season more manageably. We hope you'll love this episode and share it to a fellow mom.

#MM31: Making Time for your Mama Health

Caring, loving, and selfless - that's what people say about us, mamas, and we could not agree any better. Even though others might see us with that image, do you really ask yourself if and how you make time for your own health? Tune in to this newest Mamacademy PH podcast episode with the Mommy Kapitbahays as we talk all about making time for our own health. We are juggling too many things, but we can't afford to neglect our health as well. It does not take too fancy things to take care of our health. From this episode, you can learn how to go simple yet phenomenal in being intentional about your mama health. Catch this podcast episode and don't forget to subscribe and let us know what you think about this whole conversation. Keep safe and always be healthy, mamas!

#MM30: Putting Premium to your Health as a Woman

This month on our Mamacademy PH podcast show, we're talking about our health as women and moms, just because we know how things could get honestly busy from our end that we are highly likely to forgo our health (hopefully not). Tune in to this podcast episode with Dr. Tina Langit-Bagro, a mom of three, a doctor by profession, and an advocate of healthier homes. She's sharing with us how the current health situation among women looks like, plus some practical tips on how she manages to be a hands-on mom and all the hats she gracefully wears while making her health a top priority. We hope you'll enjoy this episode as much as we did! Here's to healthier families with healthier moms!

#MM29: All About In-Law Relationships (with the Kapitbahays)

How are you with your in-laws and your relationship with them over the years? These are some of the questions the Kapitbahay moms bravely answered in this episode. Tune in for some in-law stories (the good ones and the not-so-good ones), some tips for nurturing a harmonious relationship with them and a lot more! Don't forget to subscribe and leave us your comments & ratings so we know what you think about this episode and what other topics you'd love us to feature in the future. We'd love to hear from you!

#MM28: Mom Temper: The Real Deal about It (with the Kapitbahays)

In this episode, we’re addressing the elephant in the room - a topic that’s uncommonly discussed yet often experienced by moms like us and the people around us. Let’s hear it straight from the mom kapitbahays about the real deal when it comes to mom temper - triggers, emotions around it, and how they deal and manage this.

#MM27: Social Media & Motherhood (with the Kapitbahays)

Motherhood is a lot different than how it was years back. We think we can all agree that with the rise of social media use, everything and everyone seems to be socially "connected" in one click and go with all sorts of resources readily available for mothers like us these days, but how does this exactly affect us as mothers and parents? Tune in to this as we talked about how social media has affected us in so many ways. And some personal practices shared on how we can guard ourselves from this growing online social connectedness and influence. Let us know what you think about this episode! By far one of our longest episodes for season 2, well, because - there are just too many feels for this topic. Happy tuning in and have a #MAMAzingLearning!

#MM26: Finding & Nurturing Mom Friendships (with the Kapitbahays)

Launching our season 2 with the Kapitbahays - Mommies Nica Sibug, Rose Villanueva, and Annie Cruz with Mommy Kaye Ang as the host - talked all about mom friendships. It's interesting to find out from these moms what they think of their friendships now versus the ones they had pre motherhood and how they maintain these friendships amidst the busy season of being moms. Make sure you tune in to our Season 2 and don't forget to subscribe, share, and leave us your comments/ratings. We'd also love to know what other topics you want us to talk about in our future episodes.

#MM25: Purpose Filled Motherhood - Pursuing Mom Potentials but Keeping the Purpose Clear

Let's admit it, moms - in the midst of our strong desire to hustle alongside our season as moms, our priorities and purpose can get pushed aside. As we end this year's mother's day series, our hope is to keep the message clear that, yes it's okay to pursue mom passions and potentials BUT let's keep our purpose as mothers clear. Tune in to this episode to learn from mommies Mico Sadorra & Sheena Radam how making the purpose clear helped them before jumping off in their passion projects. It's a long episode but definitely worth listening until the end.

#MM24: Creating a Synergy between Motherhood & Passion Projects

We all know that pursuing a passion project alongside our season as mothers is nothing easy but how does one create a healthy synergy between the two? Tune in as these amazing moms share their journey through finding their passion project and making sure they sustain with a good balance for both. Have a MAMAzing learning!

#MM23: Turning Hobbies/Interests into Businesses

Ever wonder how thriving businesses started from just a side hobby? Make sure you catch this podcast episode with moms Lan Perez of Mother Nurture and May Palabrica of Macy's Dollhouse who found their way through starting their business with inspirations from their interests and hobbies. We tell you, it's not impossible. Their stories are a proof to this potential. Learn from their experiences and make sure you keep notes for lessons that you can bring with you in your own adventure as you pursue your mom passion + potential. Have a MAMAzing learning!

#MM22: Cooking & Baking with Love

Join us for podcast episode #2 :“Cooking & Baking with Love” with guest moms Ida Malaca, mom baker and mompreneur behind, Mrs. M's Kitchen and Rafi Sartin, mompreneur behind Frozen Food Fix. Find out how these moms were able to embrace the passion for cooking/baking and how this special love found in the kitchen opened opportunities for them. If you enjoyed our EP#1 of #FullAndFilled2021 last Saturday, here’s another interesting episode this coming that you should not miss out!

#MM 21: Making Time for Creative Outlets & Mom Potentials

Happy mother’s day! We’re excited to share with you Mamacademy PH’s Full & Filled 2021 - Bouncing Forward: Pursuing Mom Passions & Potentials amid Challenging Times. In this podcast series, we will be featuring moms and their real-life stories of pursuing their passions alongside motherhood. Join us for this episode with Kurly De Guzman, a Life & Transformation Coach and with Cha Ngo, the mompreneur behind KaraEats as they share their story to making time for their creative outlets and passion projects alongside motherhood. Have a MAMAzing Learning!

#MM20: Social Entrepreneurship alongside Motherhood

Social entrepreneur and mom behind the thriving business, Good Bag PH, shares her humble beginnings and learnings as she mounts and sustains a business that aims to bless other people through the work that they do. Learn straight from her - tips, best practices and personal stories about mompreneurship that will certainly inspire us to keep pursuing or God-given potentials and passions.

#MM19: Mom Health & Wellness Must-do's with Tara Tan

Post-partum mommy belly, stressful #momlife moments, growing pile of to-do's -- does that all sound too familiar, moms? We bet! But where and how do we really squeeze in the time for our health and wellness? How can we be more practically intentional in caring for our own overall wellness? Tune in for an interview (you definitely do not want to miss out) with Tara Tan, a certified Filipina Health Coach all the way from Melbourne Australia and the mom creator behind the brand Fit Foodie Mommy. Have a MAMAzing Learning!

#MM18: Working mom to full time mom: Finding God's direction in the midst of the transition

A working mom turned full-time mom, Cha Agulto, shares her journey through her transition from working in a thriving career to deciding to shift gears, leaving her job and prioritizing her family at the moment. All the struggles, the wins, and all the learnings out of this new season for her. Have a MAMAzing learning!

#MM17: Morning Productivity Habits for Moms

We've asked other moms about their personal habits that help them jumpstart their mornings and help make it more productive as ever. In this podcast episode, we are featuring five morning productivity habits by moms and for moms. Need some ideas to help you kickstart your day and help you make sure you get that mom work done? Tune in to this podcast episode and hear how moms are doing it every day and keep the #MomLearning vibe rolling! Do you have other personal productivity habits that you think would be helpful for other moms like us? Email us at mamacademyph@gmail.com or send us a message over our social media sites. We'd totally love to learn and give it a try! :)

#MM16: Decision Making Questions for Moms

Mothers make a lot of decisions in a day. From the moment we wake up to the very time we sleep - we decide about so many things. What to cook for breakfast, when to do the laundry, how to work around the budget - both minor and major decisions. But what if we have a set of questions that we can ask ourselves with to help us make the decision making easier and more straight forward? In this episode, Kaye shares 3 questions that we can all think about before finally jumping into final decisions. Tune in to this episode and find out how you too can put these questions into practice for your next decision making point?

#MM15 - Time Management Hacks for Moms

Only if we could stretch the 24hour period so we can do more things. But the reality is that we have to make the best and fullest of each day that we have. Like most of us, you might be on the look for simple and practical ways to help you manage your time more effectively. Nothing too fancy, nothing complicated, just the basics and fundamentals. Check out this podcast episode for some basic time management hacks that you can start practicing on your own to help you go through your day more strategic and organized.

#MM14 - Motherhood "What if ?" Questions

The motherhood WHAT IF questions are something almost all mothers ask themselves one time or another. We wonder a lot about the what-ifs and what-could-have-beens in our lives, within and outside our season as mothers. But these questions can knowingly or unconsciously alter the way we look at our lives at the moment, as mothers, wives, and all the hats that we wear, often even robbing the joy in our hearts, making us overlook our blessings. In this episode, Kaye talks about the elephant in the room and the silent question that mothers like us have at some point asked ourselves - that big WHAT IF in our minds. Sharing practical steps how moms can try to battle through it and not let these questions creep into and sit through our hearts.

#MM13- 10 Habits to Effective MOMpreneurship (Part 2)

A continuation of Ep #12, Kaye Ang shares five more habits to help fellow Mompreneurs / Entrepreneurs in building and managing their own businesses. Tune in for some Mompreneur boost and insights to keep you pumped up whether you are a start up Mompreneur or a seasoned one.

#MM12 - 10 Habits to Effective MOMpreneurship (Part 1)

Based on first-hand experiences, Kaye Ang (our Learning MOMbassador and MOMpreneur behind Mamacademy PH) shares effective habits that she personally practices and that other MOMpreneurs and aspiring ones can too try for themselves as they build their businesses while juggling motherhood. Business and motherhood practices in this 2-part podcast episode that's sure to encourage and help more mompreneurs and moms to pursue their passion and turn it into a business.

#MM11 - Teacher MOM (Homeschooling & Teaching Young Children)

Ivy, our Teacher MOM speaker for the January 2019 workshop shares about Homeschooling being DOABLE, ENJOYABLE, and VALUABLE for parents and mothers like us. Tune in as she imparts rich lessons, experiences, stories and many more in this episode that we will all sure find wisdom and encouragement from, whether you're Homeschooling, planning to, or still on the fence about it. This episode is our longest yet one of the richest episodes to date. Enjoy and have a MAMAzing Learning!

#MM10 - Motherhood & Parenting the Minimalist Way

Mom guest, Eden Bregala, shares her journey to embracing a minimalist life and how she is able to impart lessons, values, and characters to her family as a mother and a wife. Yet one of our fun episodes, tune in to this episode and you too might just be laughing your belly out (just as we did) while learning a lot from our multi-passion, work at home MOM, Eden.

#MM09 - Family Food FUNdamentals

Mom Speaker for Family Food FUNdamental herself, Gel Ann, shares her learnings in transitioning to and embracing healthier food choices while making it fun and highly beneficial for the family. Enjoy the fun and insightful exchange of learnings, the realities of shifting to a much healthier eating preferences, and the benefits that outweighs the challenges, all that and more in this podcast episode.

#MM08 - Joyful Homemaking

Kaye shares three points to joyfully embracing the role of a Homemaker and how we can be more intentional in this area of our life as we juggle the multiple hats of a mother, wife, daughter and many more. And how she has journeyed from initially disliking the idea homemaking to eventually loving every bit of it. Never a perfect journey but something that's fulfilling as we nurture our loved ones. Tune in for more purpose filled stories, inspirations, encouragements, struggle even, and so much more on this episode. Have a MAMAzing learning!

#MM07 - Journey to Re-lactation and Breastfeeding

In celebration of August Breastfeeding Awareness month, we are featuring our Learning MOMbassador and Mamacademy PH Founder herself, Kaye, and her story of re-lactation and breastfeeding. Sharing inspirations for soon-to-be moms who's desire is to breastfeed, fellow moms who are already breastfeeding, or those who want to resume with their breastfeeding journey - this episode is exactly for you.

#MM06 - Blog to Inspire with Bea Jalandoni

With her blogging experience of 13 years, Bea Jalandoni shares her valuable learnings when creating a blog that inspires and stands out with authenticity and uniqueness. Listen to this episode and be inspired to pursue your passion as Bea did with her love for blogging. It doesn't matter where you are in your journey as a blogger and an aspiring one. It's your desire, experience and your own story that will make it shine among the countless blogs there is to find online.

#MM05 - Honoring the Leader of our Family - our Husbands

Kaye shares how we as wives can spur up, honor, and appreciate our husbands with all the work that they do as the leader of our family. Why is it important to honor our husbands, how our simple actions can make them feel appreciated, and what are some steps we can do to intentionally let our husbands know we love them - all those and more on this episode devoted to just encouraging, loving, and most especially, HONORING our husbands.

#MM04 - Mom Budgeting Tips

Tipid Mommy, Gracie Maulion herself, shares valuable practices in dealing with almost everyone's valid concern - Money Management. As a Money MOMnager herself, she imparts really practical ways as to how we can manage our finances more responsibly and leaving out important points for budgeting for mothers like us. Hop on the show and don't miss out another MAMAzing podcast episode this week!

#MM03 - Rocking the WAHMazing Life with Viviene Bigornia

Viviene Bigornia, the Mom Speaker for this month's Be WAHMazing workshop shares her three valuable lessons in rocking the Work at Home Mom life. Listen up and learn from her tips and tricks in making the WAHM life M-A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

#MM02 - Play-based Learning for Toddlers / Young Children

A really informative episode with Mommy Li, a Parent-Teacher Trainer and the Mom Founder of Present Parenting Solutions, an online platform that helps Moms address their concerns about the Learning and Developmental needs of their children. She shares how parents and moms can be more intentional and engaged in playing with our children that reinforces and stimulates learning at the same time.

#MM01 - We have finally launched our pilot episode!

We are celebrating our first year anniversary in Mamacademy PH and what better way to celebrate it by launching our official Podcast channel. Join us as Mamacademy PH founder herself, Kaye, shares her journey to starting this #MAMAzing Learning Community alongside motherhood, her inspirations, the joys of doing it over the past year as well as the challenges that makes it an even more purpose filled adventure, and leaves tips for fellow moms who are desiring to start their own passion project~