What We Do

Public Workshops for Moms / Parents / Women

We organize monthly workshops of varied topics that are practical and valuable to every Mom, Parent, or Woman.

Private Customized Workshops

We host and customize workshops within and beyond topics related to Motherhood and Parenting. We can conceptualize and organize workshops for topics of your choice within your own group, circle of friends, or organization depending on your objective.

Learning Events Organization

Hosting Learning Events / Workshops is something very dear to us. So if you're a brand or an organization and you're looking into hosting a Learning Event / Workshop to showcase or launch a product or services for your brand, we can certainly help in the end-to-end event organization and implementation.

Speakership / Workshop Facilitation

Do you need a Workshop Speaker/Facilitator for your own event? Let us know and we'd be delighted to help you out. You can select from our roster of professional Workshop Facilitators.

Brand Partnerships

If you're interested to take part in this endeavor of spreading a happy learning experience and community among Moms, Parents and everyone else, then our brand partnership options may be something you'd consider looking into as part of your Brand Marketing initiatives or campaigns.

Our Clients